High Praise For Pupils at United Nations Schools Conference
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
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A passionate number of Ellesmere College debaters were rewarded with high praise and success in this years United Nations inaugural Model UN Schools Conference, where fourteen A-level students competed alongside three thousand participants and faculty advisors from top institutions around the world. The theme for the event held at Stedelijk Gymnasium, Leiden's local grammar school in Holland, was 'Overpopulation-the Tragedy of the Commons' and involved intensive research and preparation on the part of all participants into topics such as global arms treaties, worldwide missions to ensure democratic elections, effective distribution of food resources, economic consequences of changes in the Arctic and combating deforestation in Africa. Ellesmere represented the countries of Australia, Bangladesh and Mali and took on the roles of diplomats. They participated in simulated sessions, researching the topics and writing resolutions. During the conference pupils were represented in various committees to the General Assemblies, the Environment Commission, Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Council and the Special Conference for Overpopulation. For the first time ever, Ellesmere College was also represented in the International Criminal Court having a significant impact co-submitting resolutions to be debated in the General Assembly during three consecutive days. A-Level pupil Daniel Kruczek said "Fourteen students have widened their knowledge of topics of global importance, the majority of us got the chance to stand up and debate in front of an international audience, and the first participation of Ellesmere College in the International Criminal Court ended with a victory for our prosecutors. We all really enjoyed the experience, which was a resounding success".