Academic Scholars Achieve Top Honours in Essay Writing
Tuesday, 4 December 2012
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Academic scholars were given the opportunity to demonstrate their essay writing skills in the latest 'House Competition'. The competition, that is part of the regular academic programme at Ellesmere, tests students' thought processes on topics which are outside of their curriculum knowledge. The essay titles are a combination of religious and philosophical subjects, the most popular being; 'Were the moonlandings a fake?', 'Is a mobile phone a girl's best friend?', 'Does Science make God irrelevant?' and 'Art is in the eye of the beholder - do you agree?'. The judges look for a combination of independence of thought as well as clear evidence of research. Over 20 pupils were involved in the senior essay writing competition. Louise Paton, Head of History and Classics said; "This terms competition was aimed at testing a number of academic scholars in their chosen subjects, and we received a number of high quality entries. The winning pupils demonstrated a sophisticated combination of ideas backed up with evidence and analysis, as well as an awareness of national debate." The essay writing competition is part of the Gifted and Talented events which are a fundamental part of Ellesmere's enrichment programmes.