Theatre Company Serves up a Unique Blend of Storytelling
Thursday, 1 November 2012
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Pupils were treated to a unique creative workshop which involved producing physical theatre using only recycled and homemade props. The workshops were hosted by 'Box Tale Soup', a theatre Company who regularly perform at Kings Place in London, and who have notable supporters including Joanna Lumley. The company, who served up a blend of storytelling and physical theatre work, draws from a diverse background; from sideshow and circus, improvised comedy and classical theatre. Box Tale Soup performer Antonia Christopherers said, "We aim to tell our tales in a way that is only possible with live theatre. Engaging and imaginative, in the world of Box Tale Soup even the stories you know aren't quite as you remember. Having worked consistently as both actors and educators for over 15 years, we have created a range of theatrical experiences for students that enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the various topics through practical work, discussion and observation" Pupils were treated to an exclusive evening performance of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, which has been created and adapted entirely by the company. With the appearance of paper puppets and handmade costumes and props, the production stretches the imagination and brings out every last drop of Austen's wit, playfulness and humour. Pippa Bell, Director of Drama thoroughly enjoyed the performance; "You could have heard a pin drop in the audience. We were hanging on every word and every character, and the strange thing about the puppets is how completely real they become even though they are homemade. The pupils have really enjoyed the workshops and both performers were an inspiration."