Ellesmere; Making Maths More Fun and Engaging
Thursday, 1 November 2012
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The Mathematics department at Ellesmere College has introduced new, high tech equipment to engage students in the classroom, making maths more fun and interactive. The project, part of the Colleges Enhance Ellesmere programme, a new initiative introduced to put the latest equipment into the hands of its students, was funded by the College Parent Society. The department has pioneered the use of a new handheld maths personal computers, which can be used by students and teachers as part of a shared classroom experience. Functions of the new networked calculators include graphing, geometry, data and statistical spreadsheets and data logging. The navigator wireless system connects an entire classroom with these handheld devices and the students using them. Peter Hayes, Senior Master from the Maths department said “The result is a shared, interactive mathematics space which enables instant feedback, polls and screen captures. The system engages learners, encourages participation and brings to life the whole maths class”