Ellesmere Inspires Students’ Imagination
Thursday, 1 November 2012
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Ellesmere College's Lower School has just recently introduced a new initiative aimed at expanding pupil's vocabulary, literacy and reading skills. The College has introduced the Accelerated Reader Programme which is personalised to each individual pupil, so that books are appropriately targeted for their ability. Initially a student's reading level is determined through personal assessment. Teachers then set individual reading targets for each pupil and progress is monitored on a daily basis. After completing a book, each pupil participates in a quiz which tests the development of their comprehension and vocabulary. The Accelerated Reader Programme facilitates reading across the curriculum with non-fiction books included alongside fiction books. The programme has more than 11,000 quizzes available using a variety of popular children's stories. Elaine Phillips, Key Stage 2 Academic Coordinator said "Ellesmere knows that students develop at different rates and at different times. Reading books tailored to a pupil's ability means they achieve measured success through the quizzes, which in turn builds pupils confidence, not only in reading, but also in their work across all areas of the curriculum". The programme has been so successful in Key Stage 2 that it is now being extended into Years 7 and 8".