Ellesmere College Launches it's New Office of External Relations
Wednesday, 1 November 2012
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Ellesmere College has recently established its new Office of External Relations under the leadership of Nick Pettingale, formally their Director of Development. The College has appointed Andrew Thelwell as Marketing Officer and Olivia Beckett as Secretary to External Relations. Both are newly-created roles. Andrew Thelwell's new role will see him overseeing all marketing activity for Ellesmere's portfolio which includes recruitment, retention and external communications. Andrew has over 10 years experience in educational marketing management. Prior to joining Ellesmere College, he has held various positions with increasing responsibilities at Keele University and South Staffordshire College. Olivia Beckett spent eight years working for an Internet Retailer where she developed strong skills in Business Development, Personnel, Purchasing, Finance and Team Management. Brendan Wignall, Headmaster of Ellesmere College said: "Academic success at Ellesmere is doing the very best you can. We are not an exam factory. That is a vital message in an age driven by league tables and statistics, a message that the External Relations team will be working to tell loud and clear. We are committed to the development of each individual student, seeing them reach their full potential. I am delighted that we can add this new function to an already vibrant school." Nick Pettingale, Director of External Relations said "I am very pleased to welcome Andrew and Olivia to the team, together we will maximize the full potential of the Ellesmere story and also look to extend it even further with new innovations and services."